Hilma Biocare

Hilma Product Verification

Here you can verify the authenticity secure-code of the Hilma Biocare steroid products. Please, remove scratch off the coating and enter the Hilma Biocare Verification Code here:

2 + 4 =

    2 + 4 =

    Where can I see the Hilma Biocare Security Code?

    Hilma Injections Vial

    Hilma Verification codes is situated on the label of steroid vial inside the box.

    Hilma Tablets Box

    You can find verification codes on the steroid tablet box inside the package.

    Hilma Peptides code

    Check the label on a bottle inside the box, to verify your Hilma Biocare Peptides.

    Hilma Steroid blister code

    All Steroid blister products have verification codes on the rear side of the pack.

    Hilma HGH secure code

    Existing package of HGH does not have verification code, the new one (expected soon) will have it on the box.

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